Lakeview Marina Policies

Lakeview Marina Buoy Line:

1. The fee for the buoy line is for one stationary vessel or structure that is limited to 1800 sq. ft. Oversized vessels will be charged accordingly.

2. You may have one ancillary motorized vessel such as a party barge or Jon boat for transporting to and from the dock at no additional charge. This unit must be permitted thru the marina office and permit must be visibly placed on the vessel. The vessel must be registered in the immediate family's name. All other additional boats will have to be permitted at $400.00 per year up front or $40.00 per month based on a yearly signed lease. Please remember boats cannot be left on the bank.

3. All floating platforms associated with your space will be limited to 360 sq. ft. each and must be permitted thru the marina office. Each permit will cost $400.00 per year up front or $40.00 per month based on a yearly signed lease. Oversized platforms will be charged accordingly.

4. All vessels with bathrooms must have holding tanks or approved incinerator toilets and can be inspected on a yearly basis.

5. All boats and platforms must be adequately secured. Chains are required and ropes are not acceptable. Anytime that the maintenance department has to be called upon for a loose boat or platform, there will be a $100.00 charge to your account. No exceptions will be allowed.

Accounts Receivable and General Items:

1. All charge accounts not paid by the 15th of the month will incur a late fee plus interest.

2. All accounts that fall into a 60 day past due status will result in boat and or camper being immobilized. Accounts that fall into a 90 day past due status will result in property being removed from the marina to an offsite facility and charged a per day fee until account is cleared.

3. All contracts are based on a 1 year signed lease. All yearly contracts automatically renew unless you notify the marina office 60 days in advance of the expiration date on the lease. This allows the marina time to re-rent your slip or campground site.

4. Any trailers that are not stored at your campsite will have to be permitted and each permit is $120.00 per year and this will have to be paid in advance. The marinas at their discretion will have the right to move these units to an off-site storage facility. Your $120.00 fee will cover this fee. All abandoned and non- permitted trailers will be removed from the property and charged accordingly.

5. For safety reasons, please remember that there is no swimming allowed around the boat docks or the boat ramp.

6. All permitting will begin on March 1, 2013