Campground Policies

Beach Island Campground and The Lower Lakeview Campground:

1. All sites must be kept neat and orderly. Everyone is responsible for the grass cutting of their site on a timely basis. If the marina has to detail your site then you will be charged accordingly. The marina will take care of all common areas.

2. All alterations to your site including decks must first be approved through the marina office.

3. There are to be no iceboxes or freezers located on your deck or site. These must be located in your RV.

4. There are to be no structured roofs over your deck. Covers must be portable in nature and easily removed in case of flooding.

5. When you leave your campsite for more than 24 hours, water to your RV must be turned off at the water box. Whenever a leaking hose is found there will be a $50.00 surcharge. This will also keep your unit from being flooded from a busted pipe while you are away.

6. All boats and floating platforms that are being STORED along the shoreline in front of your site will have to be permitted as "structures or vessels". Permits may be purchased at the marina office and all permits must be visibly attached. All permits are sold on a yearly basis with a signed lease. Discounts apply for paying up front for the year. No partial year permitting will be available. If you have a leased slip at the marina, there will be no permitting required for your boat. Platforms will still have to be permitted. The following rates will apply: Vessels up to 30' or floating uncovered platforms up to 360 sq. ft. $400.00 per year each up front or $40.00 each per month based on a signed 12 month lease.

7. PWC's: $300.00 per year or $30.00 per month each based on a signed 12 month lease. Once again, there will be no partial year permitting. All permitted vessels and platforms along the bank will have to be monitored by their owners so that they do not become beached when the lake goes down. All other uses of the shoreline will have to first be cleared by the marina office.

8. "FOR SALE" signs are not permitted on camp sites or campers. Please use such sites as the local paper or Craig's List.

Upper Lakeview Campground:

Items 1,2,5,6 and 7 listed on the Lower Campground rules apply.

Accounts Receivable and General Items:

1. All charge accounts not paid by the 15th of the month will incur a late fee plus interest.

2. All accounts that fall into a 60 day past due status will result in boat and or camper being immobilized. Accounts that fall into a 90 day past due status will result in property being removed from the marina to an offsite facility and charged a per day fee until account is cleared.

3. All contracts are based on a 1 year signed lease. All yearly contracts automatically renew unless you notify the marina office 60 days in advance of the expiration date on the lease. This allows the marina time to re-rent your slip or campground site.

4. Any trailers that are not stored at your campsite will have to be permitted and each permit is $120.00 per year and this will have to be paid in advance. The marinas at their discretion will have the right to move these units to an off-site storage facility. Your $120.00 fee will cover this fee. All abandoned and non- permitted trailers will be removed from the property and charged accordingly.

5. For safety reasons, please remember that there is no swimming allowed around the boat docks or the boat ramp.

6. All permitting will begin on March 1, 2013